Floor Sanding

Services Provided

Sanding and Polishing

The main part of our business is sanding and polishing new or existing timber floors. This includes hardwood and softwood floors.

We offer several types of finish to suit your requirements and can advise what we recommend and why. The most common finishes we use are Solvent Based Polyurethane, Tung Oil, Water Based Polyurethane and Organ oil.


We can lay just about any timber, pre finished, floating, or laminate floor over just about any sub floor surface. We can secret nail, top nail, clip together etc.


Some floors may require a small hole filled while others require one or several boards replaced. Other floors may have been damaged by water or some other chemical. Our service offers all types of repairs.


So you’ve had your floor sanded and coated and its looking great! To keep it looking great give us a ring before it starts to look not so great and we can advise and carry out some inexpensive maintenance procedures.

Some forms of maintenance include recoating, polishing and re oiling. Maintenance will prolong the life of your floor by extending the period of time between re sanding.



We offer an extensive service when it comes to Decking. As decks are all different, we will come look at yours and advise you on the best procedure to get your deck looking new again.

DIY Clinics and Assistance

Thinking about sanding or laying a timber floor yourself? Bathurst and District Floor Sanding offers free advice to help get the job done. For those who want to give it the professional touch, we also offer 1 hour clinics were we show you step by step how to get your floor looking spot on.

These clinics are $77 inc GST and we conduct them at your home. This way we can tailor the clinic specifically to your floor. We can also assist in supplying materials and machines and are happy to offer you a quote for any part of the job you are not confident with.

Builders Sand (Rough sand prior to carpet laying)

We provide a fast and inexpensive builders sand to flatten out your timber or chipboard surface so your new carpet will have a smooth bed to lie on.

Line Marking

Be it a basketball court, netball, volleyball, badminton, beep test….. you name it we can most likely mark it.

After Sales Service

A Timber floor can literally last a lifetime if looked after and maintained correctly.

After the initial sand and coat, different finishes require different maintenance procedures.

For Example:

  • Polyurethane will require a ‘rub back and recoat’ after a few years.
  • Organ oil will require re oiling.
  • Tung oil will require either a polish or maintenance coat.

At the quote stage we will discuss future requirements of your chosen finish. This will assist you in choosing the most appropriate finish for your floor and your situation.

We offer a maintenance service for all finishes. This is generally a much quicker process than the initial sand and coat and also much less expensive.